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Haunted Hill View Manor

2801 Ellwood Rd. , New Castlr, PA , 16101
724-657-6934     |
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Haunted Hill View Manor has been featured on Ghost Adventures, Ghost Hunters, Ghost Lab, Ghost Asylum, and several other local television networks and radio stations. You can book private and public investigations any time of the year.


Hill View Manor was a poor home from 1926 - 1977 and an extended care facility from 1977 - 2004. We have had an estimate of 10,000 deaths in the building including suicides, homicides, and natural causes. We have a portion of what every haunted location in the area has, Ex prisoners, family's, children, tuberculosis patients, mentally ill, just to name a few.

Paranormal Claims

Shadows and evps seem to be the most common. The activity can get extremely crazy at times. Dark shadows and mists, voices, emotional outbursts, animals, full body apparitions, being touched, battery drainage, etc. I'd say 95% of people walk out with at least one good experience.



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