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Morse Mill Hotel

8850 Morse Mill Spur Rd. , Morse Mill, MO , 63066
636 221 0284     |
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The Morse Mill Hotel, originally a one room house built some time in the early 1800's, now a supernatural landmark, open to all that are seeking a true haunted house experience. A look back at it's history will give you a feel of how it came to be.


Why we are unique is we have famous people of the past all over the History. 1st female serial killer lived here, Bertha Gifford. Jesse James and his brothers are in the register as well. Confederate Hospital, Underground railroad, Indian Burials, Gangsters spanning decades. Al Capone ran Speakeasy, Gambling, and Prostitution here. The bldg is often active day and night.

Paranormal Claims

No one has ever stayed over and have nothing happen, especially EVP's. We get typically well into the double digits. We in a typical investigation will capture 15 to 25 evp's and some personal experience will follow-touching, growling. The amazing thing for those of us personaly involved is this. Out of hundreds of things that have been recorded nothing has repeated itself not a single sentence. Yet we have at times had things happening on several floors at the exact same moment. What a great experience and site for exploration into the unknown.



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