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Old St. Mary Louise Hospital

55 North R Street, Virginia City, NV , 89440
775-847-7142     |
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Experience the historic and haunted Old St. Mary Louise Hospital, established in 1876, now known as St. Mary's Art Center in Virginia City, NV.


This majestic property was the St. Mary Louise Hospital, established in 1876 by the Daughters of Charity and St. Mary's Church. There were approximately 6 - 7 Sisters who resided in the attic while caring for the sick. This hospital was able to house 60-70 patients at a time until it closed in the early 1940's. Kindred spirits that still linger and get involved in daily operations. The building is 14,000 square feet, four stories tall and rests on 5 1/2 acres of "active" land. We are 5 blocks east of the town of Virginia City, NV (off the beaten path).

Paranormal Claims

Our resident Paranormal Investigators have experiences on a daily basis, whether it is day time or night such as disembodied voices, sounds of carts and gurnee's rolling on the upper floors, phantom smells, knocking, shadow figures lurking about, heavy footsteps in the hallways as well as on the stairs, furniture moving, clocks going haywire, apparitions and communication thru professional equipment. Many E.V.P.'s have been captured here as well as interesting photo's, video and personal experiences such as being tucked into bed at night and dark shadow forms "shooshing" people at bed time. Ghost Tours and Paranormal Investigations available by appointment only. Ghost Tour rates start at $25 per person for two hours and up. Guest rooms are available for an extra rate. Please contact 1-775-847-7142 for more information or to make your reservation.



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