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Rolling Hills Asylum

11001 Bethany Center Road, E. Bethany, NY , 14054
585-502-4066     |
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Rolling Hills Asylum offers several types of paranormal and historical tours, both private and public opportunities, special events, celebrity conferences, Haunted Halloween tours, and more!


On January 1, 1827 The Genesee County Poor Farm opened its doors in E. Bethany NY. Built to house the County's widows, orphans, criminally insane, physically and mentally disabled, civil war vets, tuberculosis patients. drunkards, indigents, and other types of inmates, the property was nearly self sufficient as it encompassed over 200 acres, and consisted of cattle, chickens, vegetable garden, orchards, a dairy, bakery, even a wood working shop.

The property underwent several changes over the last 183+ years, including a nursing home, carriage museum, and antiques mall, before becoming assuming its current name and becoming widely known as a paranormal hot spot.

Paranormal Claims

Paranormal activity abounds throughout the 54,000 sq. foot brick facility. Shadow people, disembodied voices, screaming lady, class "A" EVPs, sounds of foot steps, furniture moving, doors slamming are all nightly occurrences. Don't miss out on investigating this very haunted location!



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