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Franklin County Historic Jail Museum

209 West Main, BENTON, IL , 62812
618-435-5777     |
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A facility made famous by the last public hanging in the state of Illinois. And is believed to be the location where the spirit of Charlie Birger lives on. Open for paranormal investigations.


Originally served as county jail from 1905 through 1990. Many notorious criminals and gangsters served timed in the cell blocks. Most notably was Charlie Birger, who was publicly hanged just outside his cell block in 1928 in front of more than 10,000 spectators. Also serves as a museum for civil war exhibits such as General John A. Logan.

Paranormal Claims

To give Charlie Birger a voice the inventor donated a NuCompanion, a type of ghost box. Since it's inception activity has increased. An old 20's radio randomly blurts out unrecognizable words. A nickel dropped from a ceiling, as if from 'thin air'. One paranormal investigation captured an EVP of a voice saying, "I am Charlie, I am Charlie." A rust stain appeared on the back door that seems to be depict a hooded Klan member. The "ghost guy" thinks it is the spirit of the Klan's man trying to eternally kill Charlie Birger.



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