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Willow Creek Farm

Cherry Grove Twnshp, IL
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Small farm in rural northwestern Illinois voted the third most haunted private residence in the state by the publication Legend and Lore of Illinois and considered by many to be a mega haunting.


The area has a significant past of Dakota, Fox, Winnebago, Sauk, and ancient Illiniwek Native American cultures.

Just Northwest of Cherry Grove Township (Shannon, IL) is the remains of Native Americans that died in the Black Hawk War in and around Kent and Elizabeth, IL. Elizabeth was home to the Apple River Fort that withstood an attack from Black Hawk Indians in the 1832. It was the only attack made by 200 of Black Hawk’s Fox and Sauk warriors.

Willow Creek Farm dates back to 1838. William Boardman and his wife Mary came from England in 1835 and made their way to Rockford when the future city was merely a trading post. After a few years, William staked out a claim in Cherry Grove Township, Carroll County and erected a log cabin there. According to public records, the current farmhouse dates back to 1878, although there is evidence to suggest it was built more than two decades earlier.

Paranormal Claims

Over one dozen paranormal investigations and, reports by mediums and others have resulted in the following claims: hearing bangs, footsteps, knocking, Indian drumming, children crying, people talking, dogs barking, smelling floral and tobacco scents, feeling extreme hot and cold spots, being touched, punched, hugged, choked, shoved, finding objects moved and seeing full-bodied apparitions and shadow figures. Multiple mediums claim that there are 7-9 regular spirits in the house with up to 30 passing through at any given time, also multiple spirits in the barn and machine shed with many Native American spirits in the fields and pasture.



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