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Haunting at Farrar

11125 ne 134th ave, maxwell, IA , 50161
515 5774213     |
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The large 17,000 square foot schoolhouse looks out of place in the small town of Farrar, Iowa. Farrar’s population of no more than 30 people has been slowly shrinking for many years. The only growing population is in the 150-year-old cemetery across from the schoolhouse. Built on six acres of rural farmland, it's old walls are beginning to crumble. Over the decades employees and students reported hearing voices, slamming doors and sightings of unnatural figures walking the halls. Adults and children have passed on and have returned and re-live their experiences, good and bad, in the old school.

After sitting abandoned for five years the building was purchased in 2006 by Jim and Nancy. It quickly became apparent they were not alone. Voices, shadow people and orbs were common. Nancy became unsteady on the stairs when a hand on her shoulder helped her catch her balance. She turned to thank her husband for the help only to find no one there. The dark distinct outline of a small boy was sighted on the well lit stairway descending into the gymnasium. The boy appeared to be about 3' 6" tall with one foot on each step and holding onto the handrail. The figure stayed motionless for almost 2 seconds before disappearing.


In 1919, C.G. Geddes agreed to donate 6 acres of his farm to merge the area’s one-room country schoolhouses. The school boards voted and created the Washington Township Consolidated School District. The cornerstone inscribed with the year 1921 was set and the dedication ceremony commenced on April 1 1922. The schoolhouse filled with citizens from miles around. An orchestra played on stage in the auditorium as a banquet served the hundreds in attendance.

Not all citizens were behind the new building with its $100,000 price tag. One disgruntled citizen refused to attend the celebration calling it a “monument to the arrogance and vanity of the school board,” with its boiler heating, electric lights, and indoor bathroom facilities.

On May 3 2002, once again, the band played, a banquet served the hundreds in attendance and sadly, the 80-year-old schoolhouse closed its doors for the last time.

The old school sat empty until December of 2006 when Jim and Nancy Oliver purchased the building. It became their home with hopes of slowly restoring the school to its original appearance and layout.

Paranormal Claims

Ghost Lovers said: December 3rd, 2010 6:20 am We enjoyed our stay last weekend & Nancy is such a sweetie! We havent reviewed all of our recordings but I was alone on the first floor while the others were up on the 3rd... I heard a little girl giggle, and shortly after that the bathroom door on the 2nd floor slammed shut. Our cam had also went off 8 times where the stage was. About 2am the K2 was responding to questions. 4 am when we were all asleep, there was a huge bang on the floor (concrete floor mind you) in between the 5 of us and we all felt and heard it... We cant wait to return this spring!!!! ...Im sure due to all the remodeling, that is a known cause for the paranormalities to manifest... well worth the stay! Thanks!!!

deb g said: October 23rd, 2010 5:20 pm we were there last nite when pshycic Jackie was there ...and Wow is all I can say , the smell of pipe smoke, the Equipment responding to questions and all of us singing in the theatre area...then watching the straw pyramid move on comand...thanks for letting us enjoy the school...

former student said: October 17th, 2010 7:45 am I was a student at Farrar for 3 years back in the late 90's. My friends and I would joke about the building being haunted, but with how young we were we didn't fully understand it. Doors opening and closing on their own was a common occurance that'd happen basically everyday while sitting in class. I can't wait to go back and investigate in the near future.



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