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Poasttown Elementary School

6600 Trenton-Franklin Road, Middletown, OH , 45042
513-783-8642     |
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On old 3 story school building closed in 1999 bought in 2004 and is now a private residence

We are not the owners of this building but we do have his permission. as we represent him and his property. The owner of this building is Darrell Whisman and can be reached at 513-464-1330. He will confirm our representation. he can also be reached via facebook. Please contact him for verification that we are the house team in charge of tours/investigations getting the building out there for others to come and experience for themselves.


site a various traumatic events from a massive train wreck less than 1/4 mile from the property, where property was used for emergency treatment area.... more details on our site about the history. to much details to list here.

Paranormal Claims

We have been investigating this school as well as running tours and booking private investigations for the last two and a half years. we have collected countless hours of video and audio evidence of paranormal activity. We all have had several personal experiences and witnessed several visual things. We have had things thrown at us, our office door has opened on its own right before our eyes as wellas we caught it on camera being forced open from the inside when no one was in the office. We could go on and on.



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