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Allegan Lodge

701 Marshall St., Allegan, MI , 49010
616-307-5803     |
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Named "The Most Haunted Place In The Midwest" By The Great Ghost Hunt 2012 ®, The Allegan Lodge is now open for Private Investigations and Public Ghost Hunts.


Built in 1909 it was used as a Hospital. Dr. John Robinson was the Physician most associated with it. It is believed that an underground tunnel existed. The tunnel connected the hospital to the house next door that was the residence of Dr. Robinson. The Building has a colorful history although much of it is lost in time. Sometime between 1925 and 1935 the building became known as a mob Hospital and was tied to organized crime. There is a proven West Michigan connection to Al Capone and his hit men, the proximity to Chicago made it an easy getaway from the big city. Some reports say it was used for bootlegging during prohibition. It is said that one room in the basement was used as an interrogation room where unspeakable things happened. Neighbors told of big black limousines coming and going frequently. It was a Hospital for some 60 years. Then, the Elks bought the building and it was used by their organization until recently when it was purchased and is being renovated with the purpose of making it into a Conference Center. These renovations have not pleased the Spirits that call the lodge their home. The lodge has become a Paranormal Hot Spot with a whole lot of Ghostly activity that continues.

Paranormal Claims

The building has always been known to be haunted. Numerous sightings, noises and apparitions were reported by employees of the Elks Club. As soon as the renovations began, the Paranormal activity became rampid. More & more spooky things continued to happen. Tommy Sumner, a Plummer, was working in the building with his apprentice when a piece of pipe moved through the air on its own. The apprentice promptly left the building and will not return by himself. Numerous Sightings of spirits endlessly roaming the building, pictures of ghosts taken and the sounds of children laughing have been heard. Some of the other Paranormal activity experienced here: full bodied apparitions of children, sounds of hospital activity long after being used as one, footsteps and ice cold spots are frequently reported. A local reporter doing a segment on the haunted lodge captured an orb on film moving above his head. People have been shoved when in the building alone and unknown voices and footsteps have been heard. Children’s voices are often heard while their faces are seen looking out of the windows. During a recent private investigation a spooky apparition was caught on film. A psychic believes that it is the ghost of a mobster known as Tall Louie. The lodge has a creepy feeling throughout; it makes perfect sense that it is voted "The Most Haunted Place in the Midwest.



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