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Old South Pittsburg Hospital

1100 Holly Avenue, South Pittsburg , TN , 37380
423-591-0344     |
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Old South Pittsburg Hospital is proud to be Tennessee’s only Para-Alternative Research Facility. I opened the doors to Paranormal Teams and Enthusiasts across the United States over 4 years ago to come investigate, learn, and train for 24 Hours! Yes you actually get to sleep in the Hospital! Old South Pittsburg Hospital is the only location that you can come in a safe lock-down environment and do some serious paranormal research, field test theories, and investigate with no interruptions or contamination from outside elements or people. It is also home to many conferences, classes, and Events throughout the year. We have (16) Infrared night vision 24/7 Live web cams that will record your investigation if you choose. You can check them out on: Recently we have been featured on Travel Channels Paranormal Challenge as they uncovered some amazing video evidence! We have also been featured on MTV, My Ghost Story and Ghost Lab. OSPH has been coined “EVP Capital“, but has an enormous amount of visual evidence too, shown here on this website or YouTube!

The Hospital is unique in itself, as it has received National attention as being one of the Most Active and Most Haunted locations in the US. We offer many recreation tools and environments to help you collect evidence. We broadcast LIVE 24/7 with audio on so that your family, friends, fans and followers can watch you investigate! There is also the opportunity to watch live seminars, and classes during scheduled events.


The Old South Pittsburg Hospital was built in 1959 and is located on the foothill of South Pittsburg Mountain, in South Pittsburg, TN. The Hospital was built on a solid Limestone rock, as its foundation and a natural spring running directly under the Hospital and into the most Northwest part of the Tennessee River. During the Civil war South Pittsburgs original name was "Pittsburg Landing" The Ferry landing is only an eighth of a mile from the Hospital that was used by both Confederate and Union Soldiers to land at South Pittsburg, and to travel down to Chickamauga Battlefield. In our City Cemetery there are Union and Confederate Soldiers buried side by side that passed in the line of duty. There is also a small section dedicated to the slaves that lived and died here as well with unmarked headstones. In 1778, the Chiaha Tribe located in what is now called South Pittsburg, used this land to live, hunt, fish, and grow orchards. During the Civil War the Chiaha Tribe gave safe passage to the Union Soldiers to transport and store their artillary in the foothills behind the Hospital. The most notable war event here was the bombing of the Union Army's earthen redoubt, Fort McCook, in August 1862. Many lost their lives including some Native Americans from the Cherokee Tribe. Confederate forces entrenched on the ridges in the New Hope community on the opposite side of the Tennessee River in New Hope, from here timed this attack simultaneously with and attack on Hospital land at the edge of town, prior to the Hospitals construction. This was in the effort to gain control of this part of the Sequachee Valley. Both assaults were successful in their intent with the Union Army cacating the fort at Battle Creek during the night leaving it and much of the stores and supplies to its Confederate victors. Some of the artillary bunkers still exist today behind the Hospital in the foothills of South Pittsburg Mountain. During the Civil war, Gamble Plantation was built here. There have been reports that there were shackles in the basement for slaves that they kept. This new information is currently being researched to find photos and more information. We hope to update the site soon!

Eventually the Union Army would regain control of the area by late summer 1863 and continue its grip until the end of the war. Despite not having a major battel here, the area was ravaged by the thousands of soldiers passing through the area during the war who took livestock, foods and other necessities from the area Native Americans and farmers for the benefit of their cause. This resulted in hard times for many of these families following the end of the war as the attempted to rebuild their lives.

South Pittsburg eventually recovered in shipping its most prized possession and that was minerals and limestone. During 1887, the Nashville, Chattanooga and St. Louis railway was build to bring more commerce to the city. At which point the city grew, both financially and resident wise.

In? the doors opened to a hospital situated on 2.3 acres in South Pittsburg, Tennessee. This 68,000 square foot medical facility, founded by four doctors, was known as the South Pittsburg Municipal Hospital (SPMH). Additions to the hospital were built prior to 1980. This bastion of healing would serve the community for almost 40 years before closing its doors for the last time in 1998. In April of 1997, Hospital Corp. of America (HCA), at the time the nation's largest hospital chain, held the groundbreaking for Grandview Medical Center in Jasper, Marion County. According to HCA, which has also used the name Columbia, the new 50 bed, 95,000 square foot, medical facility was developed to replace the long serving and aging medical center in South Pittsburg.

The loss of their hospital dismayed many in the community who felt that the new hospital should also be located in South Pittsburg. On November 14, 1995 the Chattanooga Times Free Press reported that "the city sued in Marion County Chancery Court to force the manager of its hospital to disclose whether it intends to close the non-profit hospital." The mayor of the city at that time, David Payne worried that "Columbia has refused repeated requests that it assure the city that it does not intend to buy South Pittsburg Hospital and close it to prevent competition with the one Columbia plans to build just outside the city." At that time, Columbia, which had managed SPMH for several years, had only agreed to pay $50,000 for the equity in the hospital. The article suggests that Columbia may have been interested in the acquisition of SPMH to acquire its Certificate of Need for beds, which would assist them in obtaining the state approval needed to build Grandview. Over the disapproval of many in the South Pittsburg community, the new $30 million hospital eventually opened its doors to great fanfare the week of September 29, 1998, while the long serving nonprofit hospital quietly closed its doors.

Paranormal Claims

Over the years since its closing, there have been many reports of Unusual and Paranormal activity relayed from South Pittsburgs residents, Former Employees, Media, Investigators and Teams. Some of this activity was reported from the first day the Hospital was open. Baby cries in the Nusery when there were no babies there at the time is only one example. Does the Hospital hold memories from its colorfull past tied to the land or the Hospital's darker past and many deaths within its walls? Old South Pittsburg Hospital welcomes only serious Paranormal Investigation Teams and Paranormal Enthusiasts to come into the 22 hour locked down controlled environment to see if they can capture some of this reported activity. We embrace scientific study & Meta physical regarding all areas of the Paranormal. This is a perfect place to field test equipment and theories safely to gain knowledge to bring to your clients on future investigations. We are an Para Alternative Educational & Research Facility.

A lot of evidence has surfaced from the Old South Pittsburg Hospital on a regular basis of paranormal activity that you are welcome to view on this website. This activity includes, but not limited to Day time and Night time Photos, Being touched, Full body apparitions, Black Shadow people, Strange balls of light, Disembodied voices calling out to you, doors slamming of their own will, and sounds of footsteps.

Upon years of research and contacts, some of the former Nurses, Employees and Patients have come forward with their own experiences while working here when it was open. When the Hospital was open many employees, patients and security have reported things moving in the hallways, such as medicine carts, shadow people, being touched by unseen hands, full body apparitions and many times the security was called thinking there was an intruder during all 3 shifts because they heard voices heard noises and saw shadow people lurking in the hallways and rooms. Come to find out that there was no one there, and no reasonable cause.

Some of the Nurses that worked here reported Baby cries or woman screaming, when there was no one there. To this day teams often capture these sounds through EVPs and Video. There seems to be MANY souls that still remain within the aging concrete walls of the Old South Pittsburg Hospital that really want to make contact and be heard. There has been evidence that suggests that we have many young children and adults that remain and want to speak out to you! We have 2 Doctors making rounds as usual, and one that doesn't like you going into the Operating rooms without washing up.

One of the most common reports is of a large Black Shadow man we believe that is a Pedophile of children. His menacing presence and doesn't seem to want you here!! He will tell you to F*** Off, "Get the Hell Out", "Leave", and sometimes will tell the other spirits not to talk to us. There is a deep dark secret that he hides! When he is near, you have an overwhelming feeling of heaviness may occur. Although no one has been injured, this shadow man makes it clear he doesn't want you here! Slamming doors are very common here, voices and numerous EVP's captured reminds you his presence is strong. He has been sighted here on a regular basis. This is just one of the numerous experiences you may encounter while Investigating.

From our best estimates, there are at least 8 children, 6 of which remain on the third floor. You may encounter one of the Hospitals visitors favorites "Buddy", on the 3rd Floor. This is a small child probably about the age of 2, wanting to play or asking you to pick him up. There has been a Thermal video on this website that was captured of him. Baby cries and woman sobbing have been heard throughout the building.

There is an older woman on the 3rd Floor at the end of the hallway, that tends to not like females, but will call out to the male guests. The second floor you may encounter one of the two Nurses that passed here. Or a male that died from TB as he calls out for "Help". A woman screaming or babies crying are VERY common here in all areas of the Hospital.

One of saddest patients here is Hazel, an elderly woman. She is our screaming lady. Her voice has been captured here in the hallways with an unforgettable scream. Back in the day, she was admitted to the Hospital from a local nursing home for a mental observation then to go up to the Psych ward. She has a rough and gravely voice, and tells people to "Go Back!" After 3 days of her stay here, Hazel died from infections, and complications. She has been heard and recorded several places in the Hospital. When you hear her scream or yell at you, you will never forget it!! Down by the Bio-Hazard you sometimes feel and hear someones steps closely behind you, only to turn around and no one is there. There have been several photos of the entity we call "Hissing man". He seems to beckon you as you walk near that area, with a "hey"! In the basement, we have a fun spirit that we call the "Naughty Nurse". She doesn't seem to give up her name, but often will touch you softly in personal places or whisper things or laugh to let you know she is around. In the basement, you may encounter a residual Doctor walking around or black shadow that may walk right up to you. We have had many reports of an old Janitor here that died in the 60's when the Hospital was still operating, that still works around the building and doesn't like you criticizing his work. He is still looking for his keys. These are just some of the spirits that you might encounter here.

Some say all of this History and Geographical formations can amplify the paranormal activity that occurs here on a regular basis. There is the only “Ley Line” In TN located within 2 miles of the property. This ley line runs directly through Russell Cave, where the Native Americans used to use.



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