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Old Navarro Regional Hospital

Hwy 22, Corsicana Texas, TX , 75110
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The most haunted spot in North Texas..Corsicana Texas is the exact spot off of hwy 22..


This location used to be home to one of the most haunted Hospitals ever known. The hospital was demolished and hauled away but the steps that led up into this hospital for over 60 years is still there..Even when the hospital was in function it had the reputation of being inhabited by the people who died there and also there seems to be talk that the doctors still haunt this location..the location is open to the public and easily found..everyone in this oil rich town knows where the "old navarro regional hospital " was located..its become legend the number of spirits that inhabit this location..

Paranormal Claims

Noises heard from the steps that if one listens carefully could be construed as gurneys being pushed.Scalpels and other noise making instruments can also be heard..Smells such as cologne and perfume are smelt of these steps like it was oxygen..Numerous pics and Evp's also acompany this location..



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